Wire elevator treatment at Doctor Irene

A thread elevator is a cosmetic treatment that gives you back your youthful appearance. In fact, a thread elevator treatment has a subtle lifting effect, and improves the skin because the threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Thanks to advanced techniques with dissolvable wires, sagging in various parts of the face or neck can be remedied. A thread elevator treatment gives a beautiful and natural result and has little to no recovery time. You can often resume your daily activities during the week of treatment.

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Wire elevator treatment

The treatment lasts an average of 30-60 minutes.

The thread elevator is a treatment also called PDO threads or V Soft Lift. It is a method of addressing skin aging without cutting into the skin, as in a facelift. By inserting threads into the dermis with a very fine needle, the skin around this suture material starts to produce collagen again.

The thread elevator is an effective treatment that we use against skin aging. Skin aging is a normal process that everyone experiences over the years. What effect does aging have on the face? A young face is usually shaped like a “V. As you age, the skin loses structure, elasticity, volume, muscle and even bone mass. This means that the classic, young-looking V-shape of your face is reversed, revealing more of an inverted “V. The thread elevator or Soft Lift treatment aims to restore the young V-shape of the face.