Eyelid surgery at Doctor Irene

Thinking about eyelid surgery? As you age, your skin loses elasticity and the strength of the muscles that support the skin decreases. As a result, you will see excess fat accumulate above and below your eyelids and your eyelids will droop. Drooping eyelids lead to several problems. Headaches, fatigue, reduced vision and an aging appearance. Doctor Irene can reduce these physical and vision problems with eyelid surgery. Your eyes and face look more alert and youthful.

You can visit Dr. Irene for:

Upper and/or lower eyelid surgery

Droopy eyelids, bags under your eyes or not being able to open your eyes fully are reasons to think about eyelid surgery. Removing excess skin from your upper eyelids improves your vision, making you look fresher and younger. 

Eyelid surgery is an option at:

  • Sagged upper eyelids;
  • Excess skin of the upper eyelids, reducing vision;
  • Excess skin on the lower eyelids;
  • Bags under your eyes;

Get rid of those nagging headaches that occur throughout the day, and how nice is it when you don’t have to constantly “frown” to see something properly? Doctor Irene discusses the benefits of eyelid surgery during a consultation.

From preparation to final result

Before you schedule the procedure, you will meet with Doctor Irene and receive information about the surgery. During the conversation, certain points are raised:

  •  Medical history. Doctor Irene asks questions about previous surgeries, past and/or current conditions such as dry eye, glaucoma, allergies and chronic diseases. Are you taking any medications? Bring a current chart to the consultation.
  • Your expectation. Make it clear exactly what you expect from the eyelid surgery. The doctor explains what to expect and shows examples of previous procedures.
  • Physical examination, in which your tear production is tested and certain parts of your eyelids are measured.
  • Photographing the eyelids, in support of surgery. These photos will go into your medical record and will be for comparison later.

Details of the procedure

Three types of eyelid surgery are distinguished. The surgery you need varies depending on the problems you experience and other health problems. Doctor Irene recommends one of three possible types of surgery:

Upper eyelid surgery

Correcting the upper eyelid is common in vision loss. Also, if you have an older, sullen or tired appearance due to excess skin on your upper eyelid, this type of surgery is a great solution. Your vision function improves and you have a more open appearance.

Lower eyelid surgery

This procedure focuses on lower eyelid problems. Puffiness, accumulated fat and excess skin are removed. You look less tired.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery

It often happens that Doctor Irene corrects both the upper and lower eyelid during the same procedure.

The operation

Eyelid surgery is a minimally invasive procedure done with local anesthesia. Depending on the type of surgery, the doctor will treat the upper eyelids first. Doctor Irene makes incisions in the natural skin fold, removes excess skin and fat tissues and sutures the surgical wound. On the lower eyelid, the incision occurs just below the lash line so the doctor can remove excess fat, muscle and skin tissue. After suturing the wounds, plasters and/or bandages protect the surgical area. Once the surgery is completed, there is time to recover from the procedure. A short time later, you are allowed to leave the clinic. It is not possible to drive home independently. You are advised to have yourself picked up and brought home.

Possible side effects

Despite its minimally invasive nature, eyelid surgery remains a surgical procedure. Side effects or complications have not been ruled out. After the procedure, you may experience scarring, bruising or swelling in the eye area. Occasionally, double vision and blurred vision occur temporarily. Itchy, dry eyes and/or other discomforts can be treated with eye drops. Touch your eyes as little as possible and do not rub the swellings. Cooling helps fight (after) pain and swelling.

Recovery time

Because your eyes stand out, it is wise to choose the right time for surgery. Your eyes will be swollen with blue and red skin discoloration for about two weeks. Many people choose to schedule eyelid surgery during a vacation and/or at a time when they have fewer or no important appointments. Doctor Irene goes over the schedule with you and shows you what to expect after eyelid surgery. Try to avoid pressure on your eyes and avoid going to the sauna and/or pool for the first few weeks. Be careful when exercising and do not perform intense activities.


Many people are satisfied with the results of eyelid surgery. You have a more rested and youthful appearance. It also increases self-confidence. Bruising and swelling generally disappear within 10 to 14 days. Scars may take months to fade. Be sure to protect your eyes from too much sun exposure and use a good pair of sunglasses. In many cases, the results of the procedure are permanent. Although you must keep in mind that skin aging is not stopped. Over the years, the skin can lose some of its elasticity and sag again.

Eyelid surgery consultation appointment

Eyelid surgery may be the surgery you are looking for. The popularity of the procedure speaks for itself. Be sure to research the procedure as much as possible before coming to a decision. The surgery itself usually takes no longer than three quarters of an hour to two hours, depending on the type of procedure. You do not have to stay at the clinic and may go home soon after completing the eyelid surgery. Feel free to make an appointment with Doctor Irene to get advice on eyelid surgery. After the procedure, fatigue and headaches from squeezing your eyes are a thing of the past and your face looks more rested and youthful. Schedule an appointment online, or contact Doctor Irene by phone at +31 6 23765159.