Anti-cellulite treatment at Doctor Irene

A targeted and effective anti-cellulite treatment that makes your skin smoother and tighter? For that you have to see Doctor Irene. Our unique Cellfina anti-cellulite treatment tackles the cause of disturbing pits and dimples (cellulite) and makes your skin smoother and tighter. Say goodbye to that orange peel skin and opt for radiant, beautiful and even skin!

You can contact doctor Irene for an anti-cellulite treatment against:

Anti cellulite treatment

With a treatment against cellulite, pits and dimples that arise in the connective tissue just under the skin are tackled. Cellulite is often a result of overloaded fat cells and fluid retention. The skin looks lumpy and is sometimes marred by clearly visible veins. Cellulite can be removed with various treatment methods, each with a unique approach. Doctor Irene always performs anti-cellulite treatments with Cellfina, the only anti-cellulite device that tackles cellulite directly at the cause and has a clinically proven long-lasting result.