Complaints and disputes

As a client of Doctor Irene, you can count on our commitment to provide you with quality care and to satisfy you with the results of your treatment. Despite the skill and effort of our specialists and staff, sometimes you may not be satisfied.

You may then choose to file a complaint. We will work to remedy your dissatisfaction in that case. We try to do this by following a protocol.

Resolving your complaint in consultation

Initially, we ask that you schedule an appointment with your treating physician to discuss your dissatisfaction. A good conversation can provide a lot of clarity that will help you reach a solution together.

Enable support

If the contact with the treated physician does not satisfy you, we offer you the opportunity to be supported in expressing your dissatisfaction and resolving your complaint. If this is your wish, fill out the complaint form. You will receive a response within three business days.

Complaints Officer

If contact with our complaints coordinator does not satisfy you, you may choose to request a meeting with our complaints officer. She will review the progress of the complaint procedure and advise you and us on it. You can contact her directly by sending an email to

Disputes Committee

If even the complaint official does not satisfy you, you may choose to report your dissatisfaction as a dispute. Doctor Irene is affiliated with disputes committee dokH under membership number 20039207 with Ms. P. Nep as contact person. The complaint regulations can be found below.

We strive to provide good service for all our customers. Unfortunately, this does not work in all cases. We obviously want to resolve this as best we can. We would like to ask you to submit your complaint to us using the form below. Please make sure that you fill in your contact information correctly, so that we can contact you as soon as possible but at the latest within four weeks to find an appropriate solution to your complaint. Once again, our sincere apologies and we will make every effort to resolve this to your satisfaction.